Pinup Photoshoots Schedule

Roaring 20's Gatsby Shoot

Angie Delarie Pool Party 2020

Mermaid Photoshoot

Date: Friday Feb 21st 7pm

Location: Armadale

Gold and black fringed curtain

Celebrate with champagne and snap away 

Date: Sunday Mar 1st 12 noon  

Location: Beverley Pools WA

Theme: 90's Vintage Icecream

Refreshments for sale at venue 

Parade at 2pm

Entertainment at 3pm 

Behind the Scenes

Date: Sun 15th, 22nd Mar 2020

Location: Jindalee Beach 

Props: Mermaid tails (4 colours) 

Refreshments: Hot Chocolate to warm you up! 

Client Testimonial 

"We are by no means an ordinary couple, which is why we needed an extraordinary photographer to take our engagement photos. This is why we chose Angie Delarie of Angie Delarie Pinup Photography.

Angie's relaxed bubbly personality, sense of humor and artistic eye meant that Jamie and I got the engagement photos of our dreams. Life is too short for boring pictures. Thank you Angie for beautifully capturing our wacky love ♡"


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Photographer @angiedelariephotography
Model: @missmonmon.pinup
Fur model: Nihm
Earings: @deluxe_creations
Shoes: @diamondheels_

Dress: @british_retro 
Location: Fremantle 

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